Differences Between IP Camera And CCTV Camera

The area of security and surveillance systems is expanding widely day by day. In the context of this expansion different manufacturers produce different types of newer forms of security cameras. In deterring theft or other criminals activities surveillance cameras are excellent. As it is the question of ensuring protection of your home or any personal property from theft. Generally there are types of systems use for video surveillance, IP and CCTV Cameras. Though both the cameras are employed basically for the same intention. They are different in functioning to fill up the definite security needs.

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What is IP Camera?

IP ( Internet Protocol ) is mainly an internet protocol-based camera. It transmits data using the internet and can be easily monitor over the internet. Due to clarity and tidiness of images and videos IP cameras are getting popular among the users worldwide.

The quality of images and recorded videos are regarded as the main measurement determining a digital camera. Depending on your budget and desired specifications, the quality of your camera will depend.

As IP cameras have been wired to the net 24/7, more security steps can be put into place to protect against any danger. Including criminal or vandal activities. Yet many manufacturers keeping the need of consumers in their strategic target produce IP cameras at cheaper prices. 

Having the option of wireless installation process they are easy enough to install. As a whole they are the best security surveillance to provide you safety and protection.

What is CCTV Camera?

A CCTV ( Closed-circuit television ) surveillance program transmits the recorded data or signal connected to the security cameras to a certain destination. The network of surveillance cameras makes up a comprehensive method. And the signals are not publicly distribute to outside receivers. A CCTV system functions with strategically-placed security cameras. And individual observation of the cameras’ video feeds in an internal system of monitors. Videos or footage may also be listed on an individual digital video recorder, or DVR. If the DVR is available on the internet, distant viewing of video footage may also be available. CCTV is an older system which by the passage of time has developed and updated. Including new features throughout the years.

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IP Camera Vs CCTV Camera

Cost Comparison

In purchasing a CCTV camera, you may pay double due to the necessity of a DVR.  Yet for the recent fall down of IP cameras in price, CCTV  cameras are much more expensive.

In addition, according to your buying capabilities your desired purchase depends to many extent. Besides, your finances or budget depends on what types of features you need.

The types of your task assigned to the desired cameras will determine your choice of costing. That means the need for a worksite greatly influences how much you can spend on your cameras. However, as CCTV cameras provide a person with the capability to come back and review previous video clips online. The excessive cost for CCTV could be worth it.

Higher Frame Rate Get You Out From Motion Blur

The exactness of frame rate and monitor can be a standard in choosing the IP and CCTV camera. CCTV camera along with analog HD resolution provides a higher frame rate. While IP cameras come up with 4K resolution offering a superb performance in recording action.

If your worksite needs to capture more motion, the camera with high frame rate should be prioritize. So, that you can make sure that your desired movement will no longer be blurred.

If a camera fails to capture a very clear image it may be proved as a drawback of this camera. Especially in reviewing footage, this actually provides unclear camera footage. When the camera fails to capture the doubtful movement or trespassers in a certain place. Furthermore, IP camera often provide extended perspectives to have a magnificent angle.

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Encryption System

The greatest advantage IP camera provide is that it allows the users to control security surveillance using the internet. To ensure security steps they are linked up with the internet 24/7. Along with this updated encryption systems it allows the users to prevent the hackers from hacking the camera.

CCTV cameras do not provide encryption systems so they are highly vulnerable to be hacked by the hackers. Though in the field of using CCTV these types of occurrences are very rare.

Contrast And Comparison

As it is the issue of the protection of your worksite. The probability of hacking may bring a huge disaster in your interest. Regarding this, the proper encryption system is an essential step to protect your worksite from hackers or criminals.

CCTV were earlier regarded as low-lying prices compared to IP systems. Yet that has already changed as IP cameras and storage devices have proved a progressive reduction in pricing.  Basically, recent studies show that the entire cost of ownership of a CCTV system is really greater in comparison to the longevity of this machine.

Minimizing your cost of cabling IP security cameras help you to reduce the total cost of the installation. CCTV needs a power cable while an IP uses regular system (Cat 5e or Cat 6) cabling. In association with a PoE switch or injector, an IP camera can be powered and can transmit video over one cable. Therefore reducing the cabling price in comparison to CCTV.

In consideration to other advantages, IP cameras are faster in transmitting data or recorded footage. Moreover, it provide higher resolution than that of CCTV cameras. The more crystal clear resolution of IP cameras offer a significantly gigantic view compared to analog cameras.  Consequently, by using IP cameras you can cut your cost of engaging extra cameras to keep surveillance on a certain location. A 2 megapixel IP camera can be equal to 6 CCTV cameras in terms of keeping surveillance on a particular area. 

Which security camera should you buy?

Though the security and surveillance system of your valuable asset is your personal choice. We recommend you to buy the latest and upgraded security cameras. So, that you can properly make sure of your own safety.

How can you get the best security cameras?

In choosing the best security camera you will have to know the pros and cons of all the cameras available in your area. To get the best security cameras you are recommended to visit different pages or websites available on the internet. You can also get advice from the experts.


Finally, it is repeated that the safety and surveillance of your valuable property belong to you. And you are the only choice maker in this regard. So, depending on your budget you will have to proceed how you can meet your desired requirement. Keeping in mind about  the demand of your worksite you should make whether CCTV cameras or IP cameras can satisfy you the best. 

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