Daily Answer Writing Practice for UPSC 2021

Daily Answer Writing Practice for UPSC 2021

UPSC exam is all about the evaluation of your ability at various criteria. Your critical thinking, Analytical skills, Command over subject, English language, Interpersonal and communication skills, writing skills, etc. Aspirants must prepare for all the factors which are under evaluation by UPSC as an examination process.

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UPSC Examination Process (STEP BY STEP)

This examination process contains three steps:

First is the prelims exam which contains two papers. 

Second is the mains exam which contains Essay writing, general studies papers (I, II, III, IV), Language literature-I & II( optional papers), Compulsory papers. Thus a total of Nine papers are there in the UPSC Mains exam.

The third is the personal interview round followed by the mains exam. 

Total evaluation summaries as All India Rank (AIR) based on the score secured by aspirants. 

Why is daily answer writing practice a must?

In the mains exam, thousands of aspirants have to write the papers. Your way of answer, systematic, neat, zero error, uniqueness, and relevancy with questions makes your answer perfect and being scorable among other thousands of the answers for almost the same type of question set.  

To Clear UPSC exam daily answer writing practice is a critical and very important task. If an aspirant does not focus on answer writing he/she will definitely lose the attempt. Writing skills are evaluated during the mains exam section of the UPSC IAS exam. So, aspirants must focus on daily answer writing practice with time management as per the UPSC exam hours schedule. 

How to improve writing skills?

There are some valuable tips to improve writing skills for the UPSC mains exam. 

By following these tips aspirants can improve their writing skills. 

1. Focus on your reading skills first

Reading habits are always beneficial to raise knowledge but maybe you don’t know that reading carefully and focusing on content writing style would definitely help to improve writing skills. Daily reading relevant magazines and newspapers surely help aspirants to sharpen their writing skills for the UPSC mains exam. 

2. Consistency matters for structure of answer

The basic structure or you can say the format of the answer must be consistent. Writing an answer in a consistent structure reflects your perfection and command over the subject. The structure of answers can be in a format like the first part should be introduction followed by the main body and then conclusion. So, while preparation for answer writing always focuses on the consistent structure, this practice will surely help you a lot to score good marks.  

3. Quality Content must be produced rather that quantity 

Aspirants must focus on the quality of content over long useless content. If your content has quality as expected and you carefully use simple and easy-to-understand words then surely it will be higher in scoring. Aspirants must practice answer writing with continuous quality improvement and selection of easy-to-understand words. 

4. Stay with facts and figures

Try to focus on facts and figures, aspirants must focus on improving their knowledge during practice. As your knowledge set will increase you will be able to compile facts and figures about desired answers in the UPSC mains exam.   

5. Use of quotations in answers

During daily answer writing practice, you should learn and practice quotations in answers. The use of relevant quotations reflects your command of the topic. So, improve your quotation knowledge and wisely use them. Try to use minimum but effective quotations in your answers. 

6. Be Genuine and original

Aspirants must practice with genuine content. More important is to practice with your own words rather than copy from what you read somewhere. Answers must be original so that you can claim your score with better marks. 

7. Practice as much as you can

The UPSC exam is unpredictable in nature. Nobody knows what their expectations are for you to answer. So the higher you practice as daily answer writing practice, the higher your chances to clear the exam.  

Practice for daily answer writing is a very important part of the preparation for the UPSC exam. As much as practice will be done, more the chance to crack the UPSC exam will be there. To clear the UPSC exam, deep consistent study and practice are needed. If Your writing skills impress during the evaluation process then there are better chances to clear the UPSC exam. 

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