Common Household Bugs and Remedies

Wondering How to keep insects out of house? Then read the article last to know about Common Household Bugs and Remedies.

Common Household Bugs and Remedies

Regardless of the weather or season, insects continue to exist and find ways to survive, and you can’t blame them! After all, it is not their fault to be such a nuisance as they are simply doing their thing. Also, bugs, insects, arachnids, and other types of arthropods comprise 75 percent of the Earth’s living creatures. Therefore, it is not surprising to see these things around us and thriving even in places they aren’t supposed to be. However, what really makes bugs a problem for us, humans, is their tendency to invade and take advantage of our homes and cause troubles for us.

Since it is beyond our ability to stop the nature of these sneaky pests, we can at least do something to keep them at bay or discourage them from getting close to our home, but first, we need to know what the common household bugs are. Once we get acquainted with the nature of various bugs, we will be guided as to how we can get rid of them for good.

Top 3 Common Household Bugs

There are a wide variety of bugs that we can spot or detect inside our homes. These include the following:

Bed Bugs

Number one on the lists is bed bugs. Bed bug infestation in the US has begun since time immemorial making it the most rampant bug problem in the country. Detecting bed bugs in the home is not easy because of their minute size and the fact these nocturnal insects cunningly attack only during the night when their host is fast asleep. 


One of the most common bed bug remedies is heat remediation or heat treatment. They cannot survive in very hot surroundings. With 95-100% effectiveness rate, heat treatment is widely used by homeowners to get rid of bed bugs without having to worry about possible health or environmental threat. Also, it can penetrate bed bug-infested areas that are hard to reach. Unlike chemical treatment, this method is safe to use, less expensive, and is a one-time show. It only requires several hours to be completed and, viola, your tiny bloodsucking nemeses are gone. Other methods for solving bed bug infestation include: vacuum cleaning, applying diatomaceous earth, chemical treatment, and fumigation.


As long as there is food, ants will always be present. Stubborn as they are, they get to your food whatever it takes. On a serious note, however, ants—although they are tiny and very common nuisance pests we often see lurking inside or outside our households—can be dangerous to have in the home. The risks they bring go beyond mere their bites or itchy sting. Ants also contaminate everything they touch, including food, and propagate an unimaginable number of viruses and diseases. In addition, carpenter ants are notorious culprits behind structural damage since they consume wood.


To do away with ants, many homeowners usually use natural deterrents since the ingredients are safe, cheap, and readily available in the home. Natural ant remedies include spraying the infested areas with water and dish soap mixture or with vinegar and water mixture. If you despise having the smell of vinegar lingering in your home, your next alternative is to sprinkle coffee grounds, cayenne pepper, or cornmeal in places the ants dwell in. This will discourage the ants from staying in the area and also prevent them from smelling your food. 


Flies are known to spread harmful bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella and cause infections and illnesses such as typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning, etc. That is why it is extremely necessary to get rid of flies and not tolerate their presence in the household. Remember that flies go to where there is food, regardless of whether the food is rotten or fresh. The most common types of flies that are found at home are fruit flies and houseflies. What is more disgusting is that they get attracted to icky stuff like animal poop, food debris, garbage, etc.


Most homeowners resort to fly traps or insect papers to remove flies from the vicinity. There are various DIY fly traps you can devise at home, or you can simply make sure to clean your home environment (including your drains and sinks) and take out your garbage and store them inside well covered trash bins. Another preventive measure is to install screens on your doors and windows.

Other bugs that commonly dwell in the home are cockroaches, fleas, mosquitos, dust mites, spiders, ticks, and more. To keep these filthy crawlers away, you may use remedies such as essential oils. Some of the most recommended essential oils that effectively repel bugs are tea tree oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lavender oil, and cedarwood oil. You can mix essential oil with white vinegar and distilled water and spray it on doorways, windows, and on other areas where bugs typically enter or pass through.

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