Common Dental Issues and How You can Deal with them

Common Dental Issues and How You can Deal with them?

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Complications can occur anytime and at any place. Your dental hygienist will give effective tips and suggestions on how you can maintain improved oral health and hygiene habits. This ensures you can improve your health condition and stay protected from certain oral complications. Go through this post to know how you can deal with oral problems and what to do when they take place.

Common dental issues

Following are the Common dental issues:

路        Toothaches

This kind of problem usually occur in adults which might happen due to large cavities that spread till they reach the nerve within the tooth.  The toothaches suffer from some bacterial infection that needs dental works to resolve the concern. Toothaches may lead to cracked teeth, wisdom teeth and gum infections.

路        Broken tooth 

Your teeth may break due to strong force from accident or some injury. They can even break if they are weak due to large cavity.  Some people may break a tooth when they bite something hard.  When a large tooth piece breaks, you need to store it in a container till you see a doctor. This is because it can lead to tooth sensitivity in some cases.

路        Knocked out tooth

If you have a knocked out or dislodged tooth, then you must act quickly.  This generally occurs on the front tooth and leads to some bleeding.  You should be ready to call an emergency dentist who can save your tooth.

路        Cut tongue, lips or cheeks

If you meet with an accident or some kind of injury that causes large cut in your cheeks, tongue or lips, then you will find it difficult to know the extent of wound due to bleeding. It is advised to go to a dentist quickly and know the requirement for doing necessary stitches. In case there are some cuts on the outer part of your lips, this may cause scar marks.

路        Canker sores

Also known as aphthous ulcers. These are mainly faced by the adults but its cause is still not known. They generally take place often when you suffer from stress, some injury to your lips, tongue or cheeks and illness. They are white in color and extremely painful. The minor aphthous ulcers may last for 7 to 10 days while major aphthous ulcers are there for more than a month.

路        Fever blisters

The virus may lead to cold sores and fever blisters that form in a cluster and then develop into tiny ulcers. Most people suffer from them on the outer part of their lips that may happen inside their mouth too. They also occur often at the time of stress or some disease.

路        Food stuck in between teeth

Toothpick splinters, tiny chip shards and popcorn kernels are common culprits for these problems. These are small pieces that may get wedged between the teeth or below the gums.  They can lead to swelling and tenderness in the gums and cause gums to bleed easily.

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How you can handle dental concerns?

Following are the solutions for these Common dental issues:


If you are having a severe toothache, then you need to see an emergency dentist. The toothaches that have already been infected require taking antibiotics to fight against this infection.  In case there is some swelling inside your mouth, the infection may spread to other parts such as the bloodstream, your brain and airway.

Broken tooth

If you suffer from the problem of a chipped or broken tooth, then you should try to store the broken pieces. Your dentist will be bonding your broken piece back to the tooth and a small chip or break does not lead to sensitivity. You are advise to fix an appointment with your dentist quickly as a large break that causes severe pain or exposes nerves within your tooth should be handled soon.

Knocked out tooth

You should call your dentist soon and store the broken tooth in a cup of milk or saliva. Make sure you do not clean or wash the tooth as you may damage tiny fibers that enables to reattach to the gums and jawbone. Your emergency dentist will be conducting an X-ray to find out there aren鈥檛 any fractures into the jawbone or in the root. After this, he will hold the tooth properly inside your mouth so that it heals completely within 2 to 3 weeks.

Cut your tongue, lips or cheeks

If there are large cuts known as lacerations, the first step would be to stop the bleeding so that you are aware about the extent of the cut. If you cannot prevent the bleeding in 15 minutes, then you need to see your emergency dentist.  In case your cut extents to the outer part of lips, you will have to do stitching and lessen the extent of any scarring marks.

Canker sores 

When there is a cancer sore, it might be quite difficult to get it treated. Any kind of treatment will try to lessen the symptoms though it resolves itself in due course. Your dentist may suggest a mouthwash for soothing the ulcer pain. You may even use ice to relieve the pain and discomfort. Make sure you do not eat spicy foods, hot foods and beverages as well as acidic drinks and foods.

Fever blisters

As the blisters are viral, you may take oral and topical medications to lessen the severity. It is necessary for you to know about blisters and cold sores when they are at an early stage. Some people consider the tingling sensation before there is small cluster of blisters. So, don’t share your drinks with your friends when you suffer from cold sores or fever blisters.

Food stuck between your teeth

When something gets stuck in between the teeth, you might feel tempted to take it out soon. You may cause more harm than doing good to your teeth. The first thing to do is floss daily and brush at least two times in a day. If you think the food particle is beneath the gums, see a dentist who will help to remove it as early as possible.

Thus, if you have other questions related to dental hygiene, book a consultation session with the hygienist. And know what necessary steps should be taken to avoid oral problems.

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