Beware of these 5 common air duct cleaning scams in 2021

a dirty air duct on the wall showing cleaning scams

Frauds are everywhere and there have been many frauds in this home improvement industry which most of the people are unaware about. Therefore, it is important for homeowners and commercial building owners to beware of these five common air duct-cleaning scams in 2021.

Finding air duct cleaning is not difficult because there are several service providers who give some of the best services for the people around. Numerous households require intimidating air duct repair and replacement services in Buford, which are simply impossible with DIY techniques. It is the reason because of which scam artists take full advantage of these complexities. They are able to manipulate homeowners who do not know anything about ductwork cleaning. Therefore, we will be reviewing some of the most common ductwork cleaning scams that you might come across this coming year because we want you to be secure.        

Common Air Duct Cleaning Scams 

The attractive offers

We all are aware of the fact that the air we breathe in should be clean. Therefore, it is extremely significant to ensure that we keep our ductwork clean. If as a homeowner you are aware of this importance of having clean ductwork, it means that you can be safe from scams that you face related to HVAC.

You will find numerous service workers offering you low priced “blow-and-go” services. Such companies are not dealing one or two customers per day they have numerous appointments which means that they will be just cleaning what is visible to you leaving behind the dirt and dust. Although their services cost less than what we expect, but they might create a situation where you might have to pay for the unneeded services even without informing you.

The Coupon Scam

Here is another technique that is very common these days that we know as the bait-and-switch. In such scan the homeowner is given an exceptional deal via the phone. Once the technician arrives for the appointment, they are going to identify numerous other issues and will scam you with their amazing services for additional fee.

Sometimes service providers also scare the homeowners who do not have enough knowledge about the ductwork system and convince them to get additional services on the spot charging them a lot more than what they initially hired for.

Mold Scam

Mold growth is another extremely vital issue that homeowners also face these days. However, there are many scams in this as well. It is the reason because of which we ask homeowners to be careful about it. At first the scammers are going to provide you a mind blowing offer. Nevertheless, as the process of mold inspection or treatment goes ahead they will start to make false claims about finding mold inside the house ultimately charging you thousands of dollars for the service.

If you face such a situation then do not hesitate to stop the work at once. Try contacting a more reliable and licensed mold contractor to get a second opinion. If you get into the scam of inexperienced people then you will be charged thousands of dollars for a task that will not even benefit you.

The Estimate Scam

If the service providers are not providing you, any estimate before the work begins then it means that this is a scam. You are not the person who is from the field and does not have the knowhow about the field, the only thing that you are aware of is that your duct unit require cleaning. You do not know that what factors are contributing towards accumulating dirt and debris in the ductwork and how much will it cost. 

However, before they begin the work, you need to ensure that you are getting a written estimate from them. With an written estimate you will be able to compare the cost with other competitors in the market to know if the company is a scam or not.

Bad Review History

Will you ever buy from a company that has a bad review history? Definitely not. Therefore, it is always important to research well before you finalize a company for your HVAC cleaning. Try getting in contact with neighbors, friends, relatives, or people who have experienced the services or know anyone who has been an old customer. This way you will get to know about whether they are a scam or a legitimate company.

If the company is legitimate then the reviews will be good however, if the company is a scam then it is definite that these customers reviews will be bad. Therefore, we recommend you to focus upon reviews because they are one of the best way to know if the company is legitimate or fraud.


Ductwork cleaning is one of the most common activity of the household in most of the houses. However, it is simply impossible to clean the duct with DIY techniques every time. It not only requires a lot of effort but also requires you to dedicate a complete day for it because you are not a professional technician. It is the reason because of which people hire technicians with proper training. However, it is significant to ensure that the technician you are hiring is from a legitimate company because no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars in vein.

The factors we discussed here are some of the most common scams that you might have to face time to time. Having basic knowledge of the HVAC unit will help you be safe from all these scams. You can even learn from experience of surrounding people who have been through such scam and save yourself from all such frauds. 

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