Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls


Nature is full of colors and every color has its impact on a person’s mood and emotions. While some colors are very calm and soothing that light up your mood but some colors are very warm and cozy. As everyone has his preferences, so you need to realize which type of color suits you well. So, when it comes to your bedroom the selection of color combinations for your surrounding walls is very essential for one’s mood.

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Some of the best colors combinations For your Bedroom walls

1. Plain white:

The white color itself is very clean and tidy. So if you use white color for your bedroom it gives a very decent and eye-catching vibe. The white room itself gives a very capacious look. But as the plain color sometimes gets boring so you can use some accent tones with white to balance your color palate. Like you can use some bright red or mustard tone cushions, rugs, or any wall art to enhance the overall impression of your room. Off-white is one of the most used colors in the room houses in the world. Most people just want to go with white then for them off-white color is one of the best options. 

2. Pastel Lilac:

According to The Heaven world, when you need to escape from the outside world that is going aggressive and crazy, your room needs to be calm and soothing. So it can help to light up your mood. The pastel hues are the best option for a light and tidy look. Pale lilac is a very divine and serene shade. You can use lilac with contrasting textures and finishes for the better refinement of your color palate. The chalky gray with the pastel lilac enhances the possibilities to experiment.

3. Tones of gray:

If you are a very monotonous person and you like everything to be well organized and sophisticated, so the tones of gray are the best option for your intended room, as they will enhance the charm of your room very well. The small potted plant or even a small cactus goes very well with the gray theme. Because gray is a very balanced hue that can blend well with every color, it gives a very elegant and classy feel.

Blue and vivid yellow:

If you are a lover of bright and bold colors so the combination of bright blue and vivid yellow is the best option for your taste. The blue color is itself very relaxing and fresh. When you enter the room it feels like the blow of fresh air and if you use the tint of vivid yellow with it, it gives a very striking and valiant look. But still, if anyone finds the combination of blue with yellow irritating and too flashy, so the combination of white or gray with blue is well balanced and neutral.


If you have a dark personality and want to feel the taste of rich elegance and sophistication then the theme of black will suit you well. For the versatile and bold look of your room black color gives you endless possibilities to go beyond the regular color schemes. To magnify the glam of your room you can some unique lamps or hanging lights. For contrast and a playful look, you can use some illustration or any chic modern wall décor. The combination of white and black is the whole package of elegance and sophistication. If you are a minimalistic person and you believe in “keep it simple”, so the room all in black will suits you well.   

According to one’s preference and choice of color you can change the palate or tones of colors according to your taste and mood swings. These sophisticated and tidy color combinations along with elegant and bold furniture designs and accessories will upgrade your room to the level where you want it to be. Make sure to upgrade your room in the context of color selection and accessories that will long last both in terms of time and fashion.  

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