Best laptops for gaming under $800

Top 4 laptops for gaming under $800

Check out Top 4 laptops for gaming under $800

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Gaming is quite famous nowadays among our youth. Where ever we see, whether that is Asia, Europe, or America. Most of the youth population is obsessed with video games. Moreover, recent video games have made the youth too addicted. And due to the detention at home in the COVID times. This has much increased. However, gaming also needs a PC or laptop. Without this how could you play those addictive video games? And if you are planning to buy a gaming laptop. So, here we are we have brought the list of the best ones under $800.

Though most of the them come around $600. But those are for casual activities. and if you want for gaming. So, such laptops start from $700 up to $2000, depending upon the need. If you are a gamer and need a one for mediocre range gaming. So, the budget of around $800 is pretty satisfactory.


Top 4 laptops for gaming under $800:

Following are the Best laptops for gaming under $800:

Acer Aspire 5:

The first one on the list is the Acer Aspire. This is my favorite one on this list. Because this offers great specs at the lowest possible price. And also has the most positive reviews from the buyers. Acer Aspire comes with 15.6 inches backlit Full HD IPS display. The keyboard can be used in the dark without any hassle due to the backlit. Moreover, the anti eyes strain display protects your eyes in the dark.


Moreover, the processor in this laptop is AMD Ryzan 5 4000 series, instead of intel. And the processor is AMD Radeon. Both the CPU and GPU are from AMD. And is enough for any sort of gaming.


Moreover, the RAM available here is 8GB of DDR4 RAM. along with the 256GB SSD for storage. The fundamental specs of the this are extraordinary. moreover in terms of look. the laptop has a slim body, that weighs only 5.1lbs. Which is in the portable range.

Lenovo Ideapad:

Lenovo IdeaPad is powerful enough to handle any sort of game easily. And also one of the best laptops for Maya 3D. The Lenovo comes with 14 inches Full HD display. And in terms of look. this is the slimmest and most stylish one on this list.


And again the processor used in this laptop is AMD Ryzan 5. And the GPU option available is AMD Radeon Vega 8. Which is quite a pleasing combination.


Moreover, the RAM available here is 8GB of DDR4 RAM. And for storage, you get 256GB of SSD. There is a slight difference in specs between Lenovo Ideapad and Acer Aspire. And the price too. However, this laptop is pretty light then Acer Aspire. The net weight of this laptop is only 3.3lbs, instead of 5.1lbs of Acer.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000:

The third one on the list is Dell Inspiring. This is one of the most sold medium-range laptops. It has quite significant specs. However, it is a bit thicker than typical laptops. And due to this thickness, you get at a comparatively low price.

The display used in this is 15.6 inches Anti Glare LED-backlit display. The display technology is again a good fit for those. Who use the laptop in the dark.


Moreover, the CPU here is an Intel Celeron processor quad-core processor. And for graphics, you get Intel UHD Graphics 610.


And for RAM, you get three variants. 4GB, 8GB or 12GB. And for storage too. you get one with 256GB of SSD. Or 1TB of HDD. In every case, Dell is considering for those, who need a budgetary laptop.

 Dell NoteBook Latitude E5470:

Last but not least. We have added the Dell notebook. This is another amazing laptop by Dell for budgetary range seekers. It comes with 14 inches Anti Glare LED display.

Processor :

The processor here used is Intel core i5 6th Gen Quod core processor, along with Intel HD graphics.


And the RAM is 8GB. The storage option available here is 256GB of SSD or 1TB of HDD. Both variants come at the same price.

The overall price and specs of the this are comparative. However, this is again a bit wider than other laptops. And if you don’t problems with thicker laptops. Then this is best for you and due to the full plastic body it has maintained its weight. and the net weight of it is only 3.9lbs



Choosing the right laptop is very difficult. And it becomes much more complicated. When you don’t have enough knowledge of it. However, buying guides like this helps lots of people to select the right option. and in the case of budgetary laptops. This guide consists of the most bought laptops. and these have been categorized after careful observation, research, and buyer feedback. How did you get these? don’t forget to tell us.

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