Basic Features of Free Web Hosting

A crucial choice is to search for a free web hosting service. Finding a trustworthy web host may be difficult, particularly with the wide range of alternatives and service providers available today. The endeavor might seem much more daunting when you factor in the feature sheets and promises. Nevertheless, it is not necessary. Let’s examine some of the most prevalent attributes that a dependable free web host should provide:  

Basic Features of Free Web Hosting

Raid Bandwidth And Disk Space

When we talk about disc space, we’re talking about how much storage space the free web host has given you. Text, pictures, audio, and other materials you use for your website will be stored in this area. The volume of traffic permitted to enter and exit your website is bandwidth. When a visitor put your website’s name into their browser, it is said that they are gaining access.

If a visitor downloads a file, listens to an audio clip, or views a picture on your website, they have expressed their desire to leave. You will need more storage space and bandwidth, for instance, if your website has a lot of visuals (such as pictures).

Web Designer And Ftp

If this is your first website and you have little to no expertise with scripting, search for a free web hosting service that provides a free website creation tool. This tool may construct your website by selecting a template and adding your own content and photos.

File Transfer Protocol is the technical term. It is the protocol for moving website files from your computer to an accessible web hosting server or vice versa. Using this, you may upload the contents from your final website, including photographs and other multimedia assets, to your service provider’s server. You may return to your computer with the files you downloaded from the web hosting server. Unrestricted, round-the-clock FTP access is a must of a reputable accessible web server.


Yes, you should be able to set up email accounts using the email services your free web host should provide. In addition to a webmail interface (so you can log in and manage your emails using a web browser), the email provider should also include POP3 and SMTP access, which will allow you to set up and access your emails using mobile devices.

Time And Support

It would help if you always went for a free web hosting provider with cost-free, dependable phone and email assistance. While no host can provide 100 percent uptime (think of issues beyond their control, like a city power outage), they should offer “just in case” safeguards to keep a website and email downtime to a minimum.

These precautions include on-site backup power supplies, redundant hardware and network setups, and round-the-clock server and network monitoring. If your free web hosting service has them posted somewhere on their website, check it out even if you don’t fully comprehend their technical aspects. In such a case, query them on it.


You should anticipate paying nothing for all the essential services mentioned above if you search for a free web hosting service. With banner advertisements, there shouldn’t be a price tradeoff. It is not acceptable to use any free web hosts that impose advertisements on your website.

MySQL Database Included in Free Web Server Hosting Plan

One of the most critical elements is the database, which accurately stores, analyses, and organizes the data. Additionally, having it included in the free plan might be quite advantageous.

Most high-tech enterprises use the MySQL database to structure their data exponentially. It successfully maintains connectivity with other databases while streamlining the activities. Additionally, it has built-in security features that guard against data breaches.

If your client base expands rapidly, MySQL will enable you to scale up the database without using more resources. MySQL is a superior database solution that you should choose since it offers complete database support and a specific workflow.

Standard Available Website Creator

A built-in website builder offers a lot of benefits. It allows adding several features without writing a single line of code. Additionally, you may combine it with your social media accounts to develop an Omni channel marketing strategy.

Additionally, using the builder tool may design a website more quickly and for less money. Further, because you may do maintenance on your own or automate it using third-party solutions, it also helps to save maintenance costs.

In addition, website builders let you customize the look of your corporate website. You may include your CSS and HTML code to give the project a personalized feel.


While searching across various accessible web server hosting providers, you will find many of them on the internet. However, HostingSeekers is a prominent name in the industry, offering futuristic hosting services.  

By Selecting HostingSeekers, you can leverage advanced cPanel, security, dedicated support, and much more under a free hosting plan. Their free program competes with other hosting providers’ paid plans and is considered better. 

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