App Ideas That Can Change The World In 2021

App Ideas That Can Change The World In 2021

In 2021, it keeps getting more difficult to have a unique app idea. If there is something you need to do, there is probably an app for that already. It is getting increasingly hard to come up with brand-new app ideas that haven’t been done before. It is for this reason that brainstorming think tank groups are paid a significant amount to come up with ideas that haven’t been thought of before. Alongside an increasing interest in web development in South Africa,

Well, we put our brains to work and have come up with some app ideas. That we believe has not been implemented before after searching on the vast library of over 3 million apps on the Play Store. And the 2 million apps on the iOS App Store. These are serious world-changing ideas guys, enjoy!

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App ideas that haven’t been made 2021

An App to Give Away Your Stuff:

Unlike eBay and other marketplaces where people can auction or sell away their stuff. So, an app that allows you to give away personal belongings that are no longer in use and you would like to donate could be great. How many times have there been when you have just thrown away your used clothes, toys, etc. in the garbage instead of giving them away to the less fortunate? An app that gathers all relevant charities and people in one place in order to facilitate in giving away old stuff could be a priceless idea.

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An Application to Give Away Food:

Slightly inspired by the last idea, imagine an app that does not let your food go to waste and instead reaches the poor and the needy. There are approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food that go to absolute waste each year. Such a pity. Dinner leftovers, extra food cooked and most importantly, restaurant leftovers could all be repacked and given to the relevant food charities and relief organizations. Imagine the population that does not get even 1 meal a day, being able to get even 10% of that 1.3 billion tones of food. This could significantly reduce the world hunger problem if implemented correctly and on a global scale.

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Parking Space Finder App:

An app that has surprisingly not been made. Finding the right parking space is such a hassle every time. Whether it be at a shopping mall, or your office, or any mart, finding a parking spot is always a problem. If done correctly, this app could be the next viral app on the market. Drivers could report vacant parking spaces and people could even rent out their private parking spaces and list it on the app. The parking management is expected to grow to an astonishing $7 billion by the year 2023. Folks this is a multi-billion-dollar app idea right here!

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Car Wash App:

I cannot believe no one has already thought of this before. We are halfway to 2021 and it still amazes me that we need to go to drive-thru car washes to get our cars cleaned. Why isn’t there an app for this already?! I should be able to just push a button and have my car cleaned in a few minutes.

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Ok, that’s exaggerating it a little but maybe under an hour? This app idea could create so many potential jobs as well. You would not need to be a professional car washer to offer your services. It could even be a student looking to earn some extra bucks on the side who decides to log onto the app and find people who need their vehicles washed. There could be different rates for different levels of services. Both professional and amateur car washers could offer their services with the professional car washing service costing a bit extra. Nowadays almost everything is offered at home using mobile apps so why not an at-home car wash! 

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Hope you like these ideas. Tell us which one you like the most. And if you have more in your mind then share with us asap. Cause we are always open to your ideas.

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