Amazing Google Ads Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Amazing Google Ads Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Throughout the last few years, Google AdWords has evolved from a marketing tool that would be “great to have” to one that is necessary for many of the most successful companies in the world. But are you utilizing every one of the capabilities that this platform has to offer to its fullest potential? For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of top Google Ads features you probably weren’t aware of below.

1.     The pairing of customers

Google Ads is about more than just attracting new customers to your website; you can use the platform to remarket your products and services to previous customers. If you upload a batch of client email addresses to the AdWords Dashboard, you will have the ability to display adverts to those prospects whenever they access Google, YouTube, or Gmail.

2.     Use dynamic keyword insertion.

AdWords’ powerful dynamic keyword insertion capability alters ad copy to incorporate the keyword a user has entered into the search bar. One can use this feature in a variety of ways. You can show what a person is looking for in your adverts. With dynamic keyword insertion, your ads can be more relevant and get more click-throughs. 

When a user searches, they are more likely to click on ads that match their search terms than on ads that aren’t related to their search. This feature may or may not be helpful for your business, though. If you want to try dynamic keyword insertion, make sure your ads are organized into good keyword categories and that you double and triple-check your ad copy to make sure all of the keywords will work.

3.     Only accepting calls as donations.

When it comes to generating revenue, some companies find that getting a potential customer on the phone is far more beneficial than simply having them visit their website. Google Ads feature Call-only advertising campaigns, also known as advertising slots solely focused on generating phone calls, are a solution to this problem. Call-only campaigns are only accessible on mobile devices and offer an easily clickable phone number and a “call” button to facilitate user involvement.

4.     Use labels more than campaign parts.

Labels in AdWords are usually used to help you organize keywords, campaigns, ad groups, and ads. It is a great way to keep track of and organize your AdWords activity. Another great way to use labels is to allow more than one person to manage a single AdWords account. Tags help you track who is doing what in your AdWords account if more than one person is in charge of it.

Create a label for each user and keep track of any changes the user has made to the account. It will give you a better idea of how well the budget works and who is responsible for what. Once you know what your team is good at in AdWords, they can specialize in making a campaign that works better. Labels are an excellent way for an AdWords account with more than one admin to stay more organized.

5.     Editor for Google AdWords

If you are in charge of an effective AdWords campaign and want to manage all of your clients from a single location, the AdWords Editor is the most appropriate tool to accomplish this task. You can adjust your campaigns, check statistics, and edit your movements even when you are not connected to the internet by using the software’s bulk editing tools, which are available for download on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

6.     Interest targeting

You no longer need to limit the focus of your marketing campaigns to a single term. You may now target audiences based on their interests, which increases the likelihood of your ad being successful. Choose an affinity audience if you want to reach people based on their interests and identities. Use an in-market audience to target people actively searching for and comparing products and services in your industry. There is also the possibility of combining the two in different campaigns.

7.     Ad customizers

Ad customizers allow you to adjust your campaign based on the search term entered by the end-user. You can set up your marketing campaigns to specifically target the product the consumer is looking for, even if you are pushing other products that belong to the same category, for instance.

You should immediately get into your AdWords account and begin conducting experiments if you are not currently using any of these more minor, well-known features. It will be much simpler for you to target the appropriate customers, and you’ll be able to squeeze more value out of your marketing spending if you have more resources.

8.     Ad display time and duration.

You probably do not need to have your advertisements served at all hours of the day and night unless you have clients located all over the world. You can establish time frames in AdWords for when AdWords will serve your advertisements or not serve them. At the same time, your advertisements will only appear in response to queries that are relevant to them. It does not imply that delivering advertisements at all hours is necessarily best for either your marketing campaign or your budget.

You have the ability, within the AdWords reports, to dissect the performance of your advertisements down to the specific hour of the day that Adwords serves them. When you are conducting your campaigns, it is essential to keep track of the times when you see the most significant and lowest number of conversions. After discovering the times of day during which your advertisements are most effective, you can create blackout periods accordingly.

Conduct regular audits to ensure that the times you have chosen to serve advertisements are still the most effective. Another reason to keep track of the time is that you may need to modify your bids depending on the time of day. Raise your requests during times of more competition and drop them during periods of decreased traffic to get the most from your money while remaining in the top spot.

9.     Directly promote app downloads and sales.

App Promotion Ads are now available on Google for businesses that have developed mobile applications. Simply put, these ads contain buttons that enable users to directly download the software from the app store on their mobile devices by clicking the button and following the on-screen prompts. It makes it possible to eliminate any additional steps the user would have to complete to convert.

Wrapping Up:

Think about using these new Google Ads features to improve your AdWords campaign. These tools can help you reach the right people and increase your return on investment (ROI). It is necessary to remember that you don’t have to use these tools just because they exist. Blackout periods and dynamic keyword insertion can be helpful, but your business may not need them. If you still have any confusion then contact PPC Management Company for the same.

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