A Guide to Choosing the Best ERP Poultry Farm Management Software

A Guide to Choosing the Best ERP Poultry Farm Management Software

The increase in the food supply is correlated to the growing world population. That’s why the poultry farming industry is undoubtedly a profitable business to cater to the demands of eggs, meat, and other dairy products. However, the poultry farm owners need to implement modern and innovative processes and ERP poultry farm management systems to make food production profitable and efficient.

Read along to learn how to choose the best ERP software to enhance the performance and yield of your poultry farm.

Why Choose an ERP Poultry Farm Management Software?

Before discussing the selection criteria of a suitable ERP software, let’s briefly understand the need to use management software in the poultry farm. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an all-rounder unified platform to track the farm’s performance, income, and expenses, automate the existing processes, and manage the inventory and warehouse.

We can say that ERP applications can undoubtedly help the farm owners to implement the best farming practices with minimal resources, thus redirecting your focus on profit and costing.

The following are the primary modules of ERP farming software:

  • Record keeping
  • Account management
  • Temperature control
  • Resource optimization
  • Risk management
  • Loss prevention
  • Feed management
  • Livestock traceability

The ERP farming software collects all the information about the farming activities, livestock, feed, breeding, yield, and after-sales and analyzes the data for further planning. Moreover, it performs predictive analysis to optimize the available resources and cost inputs to increase the poultry farm performance.

To sum up, an ERP solution can streamline all the business processes while ensuring an increase in yield and, most importantly, revenue. Especially for the poultry farming business, ERP has a specially designed farming support module to monitor different functions, such as breeding, livestock and feed management, and many more.

Why Do We Need an ERP Poultry Farm Management Software?

  • Monitor the farm cycle to manage the average delivery weight of the chicken
  • To calculate the total number of eggs to prevent theft and to keep an eye on the cracked eggs
  • To integrate sensors in the farm to monitor multiple farming parameters, such as mortality and feed conversion ratio (FCR).
  • Smart Sensors allow the farm owner to control the environment, temperature, humidity, and air pollution.
  • Generate alerts to notify about the activities such as humidity, noise, vaccination, and heat.
  • To optimize the farming processes by improving communication between different farming teams.
  • Offer complete visibility to the teams and management regarding the farm operations.
  • The supply chain module of the ERP software allows the farm owners to know the pending orders and ensure timely delivery of the eggs and meat to the customers.
  • To minimize overhead and inventory costs.
  • To provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports of the production and inventory to identify the opportunities to improve efficiency and save cost.

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Advantages of the Best ERP Poultry Farm Management System

The farm owners have the option to select an on-premise or cloud-based ERP solution. However, it’s difficult to administer and manage the on-premise ERP solution as it requires live servers to store and manage data. Conversely, cloud-based ERP solutions offer convenient accessibility and storage of the data anywhere on the laptop or smartphone.

Data Automation and Management

The beauty of the ERP software is to store the data on a unified platform and further categorize and structure it to make visual dashboards and graphs. This way, the stakeholders can analyze the data and make timely decisions regarding the business strategy. Moreover, the farm owners can keep an eye on the employees’ performance and farm progress.

Scalability and Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of using an ERP solution is scalability. The farm owners don’t need to buy new applications to store and manage more data. The number of data increases as you scale the poultry farming business. An ERP solution offers you the desired flexibility to scale the module to match the business requirements.

Data Protection

This digital era is all about online data; that’s why data security is essential for all businesses. The good news is that advanced ERP software offers data protection against all the potential security threats, malware, hackers, and other cybercriminals.

For instance, offline synchronization, device binding, and data encryption are some practices that ERP applications implement to secure confidential information.

Growing of Livestock

One of the biggest challenges faced by poultry farm owners is the growing and breeding of livestock. They have to use the methods that are approved by the local and national regulators. Moreover, the farm owners have to monitor the chickens’ health and growth because a single sick chicken may affect farm production.

Keeping a record of all the farm activities, such as stock, material, feed, and medicines enhances operational capabilities. Moreover, it guarantees transparency in the monitoring and reporting process.


A poultry farm management software offers a user-friendly interface that allows the employees to input the data and extract different performance reports conveniently. Moreover, NetSuite is the best example of an ERP poultry software that comes with pre-defined reporting templates, allowing the employees to analyze the data in no time.

How to Choose the Best ERP Software for Poultry Farm?

The poultry farm owners should keep in view the following factors while selecting an ERP software for their farms:

  • Incurred cost
  • Seamless integration
  • Scalability
  • Customization
  • Usability
  • Mobility

For instance, NetSuite ERP by Oracle fulfills all the above criteria and qualifies to be one of the best ERP software for poultry farms. It offers real-time insights into the poultry farm and reduces the supply chain cost.

Moreover, it automates and integrates financial and operations functions, including inventory, order, procurement, production, and distribution. The accounting management of NetSuite enables the finance and accounting team to track the transaction orders and create purchase orders.

Final Thoughts

The above article emphasizes why choosing an ERP poultry farm management system is essential for your poultry farm growth and profitability.

If you want to enhance the profitability of your poultry farm, you should select the best ERP software.

Now Good luck.

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