A complete guide on the certification of the professional figure in terms of accounting

Everything you need to know about the certification of the professional figure in terms of accounting.

A complete guide on the certification of the professional figure in terms of accounting

An accounting expert in Belgium can issue numerous certificates to his clients. The content of these files derives mainly from the nature of the tasks assigned to a chartered accountant. In general, this is work focused on the presentation of all of the company’s annual accounts. This article provides a full update on what is the certification of the professional in terms of accounting.

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Accounting expert’s certificate

By definition, a certified public accountant indicates a file that the accountant gives to his clients or to the company at the end of his missions. This document mainly includes the description of all the tasks he performed as well as a signature.

In general, this writing does not have to be made public. Indeed, the structure is required to keep it preciously and show it to the recipient concerned when he requests it. Otherwise, it is up to the company to send any files it considers useful to communicate.

Content of a certified public accountant

A certificate from a figure expert has varied content depending on the task he is implementing. In practice, there are four types of work:

  • Presentation of the annual accounts,
  • Limited review mission of the annual accounts,
  • Tasks relating to the audit of the accounts,
  • Forecast financial information.


  • The first task allows the figure expert to clarify the consistency of his mission. In other words.
  • This is the phase where he declares the absence of an anomaly that could call into question the plausibility of the company’s annual accounts.
  • The limited observation and analysis of the accounts lead the chartered accountant to certify the regularity.
  • And above all the sincerity of the annual accounts. In this context, it must give a faithful image of the results of operations, the financial statement and of course the assets of the company.
  • Other information includes information other than historical accounts and forecast financial data of the business. As such, the accountant must submit a file, such as a report. In which he mentions in detail all the work he has carried out.
  • It certifies all the data checked and specifies that it has not detected any anomalies.
  • Also, there are other missions which do not lead to the expression of assurance.


In accounting in Saint-Gilles, in Ixelles or Brussels, these are the missions without insurance. In other words, it is the task relating to compilation, work provided for by law and rule or information tasks on the basis of previously agreed steps. These missions may in certain cases give rise to the preparation of a document describing all the missions carried out as well as the resulting findings.

Interest in obtaining a certificate from a number professional

The certificate provided by an accounting expert in Ixelles shows a certain value in the eyes of the business environment (bank, customers, suppliers, etc.). It indicates a guarantee of quality since it represents that the company has been subject to verification by an accounting specialist. The certificate confirms data produced by the company and ensures that the entity’s financial situation is compliant.

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