9 Key Reasons you are not ranking In Search Engines in 2021

9 Key Reasons you are not ranking In Search Engines in 2021

Getting organic traffic to your website is the most important goal in SEO. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic, but a majority of those methods are outdated and will never get you anywhere near the top of the search engines ranking. 

People are just not searching for your niche anymore like they used to, or at least they did. 

Changes in Google Ranking Factors

The biggest change in modern search engine rankings is that keyword stuffing has been banned completely. Here’s why this is so important to understand. 

Search engines ranking & social media marketing always helps to grow your business. When you have keywords that no one is searching for, it simply means that your page simply isn’t important enough to be shown when someone does an internet search. 

This means that the only way you’re going to be able to rank well for those keywords is by using the right content with those keywords. Now this is where most people fail.

They try to cram as much information into their pages as possible. They include as many keywords as they can in every single page. 

If they happen to have some good content. Then they use keyword stuffing techniques to boost the amount of these keywords they include in their pages. 

Unfortunately, the more keywords you throw into your page, the less valuable your page becomes. The bottom line is that the more keywords you use, the lower your page ranks will be.

Reasons why You are not Ranking in 2021?

Keyword Stuffing

To avoid this, you need to stay away from keyword stuffing altogether. Instead, try to create a normal text that has as many relevant keywords as possible. 

It doesn’t matter how many keywords you include on a particular article or blog post. 

What’s more important is that the article or post is written well. That means that the writer doesn’t include a ton of keywords in order to stuff the page full of keywords.

Links Stuffing

The next thing you want to do to start ranking in Google and other search engines is to make sure your website has lots of backlinks. 

This means that you need to post on blogs that are related to your website. If your website is about potty training, then you’re going to want to post on a potty training website. 

These sites will link to your content because they like what you’re writing about. This is how you get the necessary high-quality backlinks.

Keyword Density

Lastly, keyword density marketing is the last thing you should consider for your online marketing campaigns. 

Not doing keyword density marketing can mean that you’re not getting the results you want to have. 

Basically, keyword density marketing is the practice of using the same keyword over again in an article or marketing campaign. It’s actually more effective than just using one keyword every so many words.

Poor Design

You may think that the design is not important at all. However, if you want to rank you need to make sure that the page rank of your site is high. 

The more relevant your site content and layout is, the better it will be indexed by search engines. 

A good layout will not only draw visitors’ attention, but it will also encourage them to stay on your site. So, make sure that you carefully plan the layout of your pages. For better results always hire reputed Website Design Agency in Pune.

Poor keyword relevancy

Even though many people use the wrong keywords when optimizing their sites, this does not always work in getting you high rankings. 

The search engines use a special algorithm to determine page rank. Basically, these algorithms take the relevance of each keyword into consideration. 

The higher the relevancy of keywords, the better ranking you will receive. Therefore, if you want to achieve good rankings on Google or Yahoo, make sure that your keywords are highly relevant to your page content. 

However, even if your keywords are highly relevant, you should also try to make your pages as easy to read as possible.

Incorrect use of Meta tags

Most web developers make the mistake of using wrong keywords in their pages. Unfortunately, the page rank of a website doesn’t depend solely on the keywords used in the meta tags. 

In fact, the search engines also consider other things like the site navigation and appearance. So, if you want your site to perform well in search results, then you need to ensure that your site is easy to navigate. 

Also, if you want your site to achieve good rankings, then it is important that you avoid using excessive Meta tags as they can cause your site to be penalized.

Poor link structure

One of the most common mistakes that most people make when optimizing websites is that they don’t place their links in the right spots. Basically, the links used to optimize your site should be in the proper places. 

If the links used to optimize your site are placed in wrong spots, then search engines might see this as an attempt to game the search system. 

Therefore, if you want your site to perform well in search results, then make sure that you place the right links in the proper places.

Poor content distribution

Another thing that many people do when optimizing a site is to distribute poor quality content on their sites. In fact, poor content distribution can actually cause search engines to lower your ranking. 

Basically, this means that if you distribute poor quality content on your site, then you might not be able to achieve good rankings for your site. 

Therefore, if you want to achieve good rankings on search engines, then you need to make sure that you distribute good quality content.

Poor link building strategies

Last but certainly not the least, one of the biggest mistakes that people make when optimizing a site is not taking advantage of the power of backlinks. 

Basically, search engines look at the number of links on your website and determine the relevancy of your site. If your site has too many links, then it might not be relevant for the search results. 

Therefore, if you want to achieve good rankings in search results, then you have to make sure that you build many good quality links for your website.


These are some of the main reasons with solution that what to do when why your SEO is not working

Keep in mind that there are other things that affect search results, such as keyword density, meta description, URL structure, internal linking structure and others. 

However, if you take the time to analyze your own websites and your competition, you will easily see what the real reasons are. 

Once you understand what the problem is, you will be able to solve it quickly, easily and effectively.

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