5 Ways Technology will Help to Fight Wild Bushfires

a Forest on fire portraying how badly we need latest technologies to Fight Wild Bushfires

Climate change has emerged as a new challenge worldwide in the past few years. The Incidents of fire in the forests are increasing with each passing year. Every year, we hear a news of bushfires in the forests. This is because of the hot weather and the temperature that is increasing day by day. Digital technology has always helped the mankind in dealing with different matters of life. It is been widely said that digital technology has been the vital force in preventing the certain hazards. In the same, digital technology has been incorporated in order to fight the spread of wild bushfires. Technology is been used to predict and prevent the wildfires. Solutions of digital technology are also employed in the fields of mining, oil and gas sector.

Here we shall discuss a few of the technologies that will help to fight wild bushfires.

Bushfire Prevention Technology

Following are the technologies to prevent wildfires:


Satellites are massively use to detect the potential fire places. Its software is use to identify the dangerous fire places. Meanwhile drones are used in order to track the progress of the fire that where it has reached or what is its tendency on the basis of its speed. With the implementation of technology, the spread of the fire can be prevent. If fire through the satellite seems to become a major threat and there is danger of spreading of fire. Then fire tankers and ground fire fighters are dispatched to the place of fire in order to prevent the spread of fire. In this way, satellite technology helps in spreading the fire to nearby places.


Drones are excessively used at night time when winds slow or die down. They have an additional capability as they have both regular and thermal imaging cameras. Their working method implies flying so they fly into the areas where other aircrafts run by men cannot reach. So this is the striking and additional advantage of using drones.

Drones work by going into the area of fire and it maps the entire location overnight that are use by manned aircraft and fire evacuation crews in order to control the spread of fire. If we see the implementation of drone in real life, then Canada and North Columbia are the countries that have used the drones. And prevent13 fires in a year that is a huge achievement. Drones are usually use to survey the fire, to extinguish the fire, to save, people and animals from the fire hazard and to reconstruct the infrastructure.


Firefighting robots are the most innovative invention in the field of robotics. There are many times when fire gets so hot that fire fighters cannot even get close to the site of fire. So in such a situation, firefighters are unable to extinguish the fire due to extreme heat. Firefighting robots are made in order to replace the physical firefighters in such situations as the robot is feeling less technology that does not have any sense. So they can easily fight the fire in the most extreme circumstances.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality has taken up every department including the firefighting. It works by creating 3D representation in such a way that fire scenarios seem real. It has special instructors that changes the speed and direction of the wind due to which it seems more real. That is why it is called virtual reality. There are smokejumpers that adapt to the changes happening by the incorporation of virtual reality such as direction of wind etc. In this way, smokejumpers go through a real time scenario under the dangerous conditions of fire incidents. Many agencies of United Nations have incorporated the virtual reality as part of their agenda that has greatly helped the masses in achieving the sustainable life goals.

Internet of Things (IoT):

Sensors connected to the internet of things are use to collect the data about the spots that are potentially dangerous. These sensors measure the level of carbon dioxide in the environment. Eventually sensors detect the areas that can become the spots for fire.

Sound Waves:

In 2015 it has been found out that sound waves can also be used to extinguish the fire. When this idea came out, students at US University has designed a prototype. Which use low frequency sound waves between 20 and 120 Hz. The weight of the sound waves measured to be 9 kg and it used the main power for supply. In this way, an extinguisher was designed using sound waves. The principle of this extinguisher was to use the mechanical sound waves in order to cause vibration in the medium. It is the attribute of sound waves that it can use both burning material and the oxygen. The sound is use to separate the two due to which fire extinguishers.

Artificial Intelligence:

In the recent decade, there is a lot of development in artificial intelligence. AI collects the data that can be use to prevent the spread of fire. There are many AI sources that cover a range of objects including cameras, weather data, satellite images, social media, IoT sensors etc.

Digital technology has brought a lot of benefits in every field especially in the prevention of fires across the most heated regions in the world. Developed and organized Fire protection companies have incorporated the few of these digital technologies in order to fight the wild bushfires and prevent its spread.

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