5 Steps To Improve Your SEO Rank With Explainer Videos

In this article, you’ll learn how explainer videos help businesses to improve SEO rank and land them on the first search engine result page.

Improve Your SEO Rank With Explainer Videos

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential strategy to get online recognition. Many brands have used SEO tactics to acquire potential customers as it provides pre-qualified leads from the get-go. 

SEO gives you access to an organic search result with filtered leads who are genuinely interested in your brand. That’s why many businesses invest more in developing their SEO strategy to increase conversion rates. 

One of the most effective ways to improve your SEO rank is by implementing explainer videos. It’s a marketing strategy using video as a medium to deliver promotional messages in a fun way. It converts traditional marketing copy into concise and compelling information that everyone can quickly understand.

Tips to Boost your SEO Ranking

1. Hooks the Audience’s Attention

Social media is full of images. It’s designed to offer visuals to attract more people. That’s why people can stay longer on social platforms rather than traditional blogs.

These videos can benefit you to capture people’s attention. As they love seeing visually appealing content, you might as well use videos to promote your brand effectively. It can quickly hook your audience by providing concise information within minutes. 

You can insert marketing messages in your video without leaving your audience bored. Thanks to its engaging narration, an explainer video won’t chase your viewers away with a dull presentation that strictly showcases your brand like the old days.

2. Improves Search Results

Did you know that videos have higher chances to be found on Google?

The Google crawlers can detect your video through descriptions and tags. They will index the data to let the query know your content relevance. When your video shows relevancy with a specific query, the Google search engine will land you at the top search result. 

Google’s search engine also presents video search results from YouTube in a different section. This allows users to choose which page they will click on further. From this search result, YouTube video often sees an increased view in a timely manner.

That’s why a site with videos can land on the first search result page as Google crawlers identify the matched keywords. You can also host your videos on YouTube to increase views and earn more subscribers.   

3. Drives Traffic

When you finally land on the first result page, the next thing you know is a sudden surge of traffic. This is how it goes.

Your explainer videos have done their jobs to educate people about your brand or product. When people find something helpful, they will share it with their closest one through different platforms. The more shared your videos are, the more likely they become popular on the internet. 

When the popularity grows, your videos are practically everywhere. People can easily find your video even from a search recommendation. As a result, more people will click on the videos that lead them to the hosting source: your site. Eventually, you’ll receive higher traffic from people who are curious about you. 

4. Retains Visitors Longer

Explainer videos allow people to receive information in an entertaining way. When there are options to read an article about your brand and a single video that shows the same thing, most people will go for the latter. 

The reason is that a video provides information in a short time. It offers visual elements that viewers can easily notice and narration to grasp the message without misinterpreting. Unlike a plain-long text, some readers don’t always get the message. This is ineffective for the brand itself.

Therefore, including an explainer video on your site can help visitors understand your value quickly. They don’t need to spend time reading an article with the possibility of getting bored in the middle. A video allows them to stay longer on your site, which will help increase your SEO as the bounce rate becomes less.

5. Boost Engagement

One of the important ways to maintain your relationship with customers is through engagement. Having a great brand-customer relationship will increase your credibility in the long run and simultaneously boost your chance of getting new customers.

It can help you engage with customers effectively. When you host the video on your social platforms, you allow people to connect with you immediately. Through social media features, people can easily share your video and leave a comment. 

That way, you can communicate with viewers and potential customers better. From this communication, you will gain the trust of the audience as you answer the query.


So, this is undoubtedly an excellent marketing strategy to capture the audience’s attention in a short amount of time. These allow viewers to understand messages through remarkable storylines. People will find it easier to receive information in the form of a video.  

Incorporating explainer videos can help businesses in many ways. Its ability to instantly hook the audience’s attention has led to getting potential customers. It engages well with the audience and convinces them to do the next step. As a result, many brands use this to promote products since the video has the potential to drive more conversions.

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Want to make an Explainer Video? check out this guide.

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