4 Reasons Why Digital Skills Are Important In Successful Entrepreneurship

If you’re a business owner who is still reluctant to spend a few of your funds to upscale and hone digital skills among your employees, these might help make up your mind.

4 Reasons Why Digital Skills Are Important In Successful Entrepreneurship


You might have come across this word a few times but don’t understand what exactly it means. More than just a word to use in conversations about technological advances, digitization also addresses points of our historical progress.

The digitization of society is here today and everyone needs to keep up to fully perform their respective functions. With the need to adapt, people and the environment are also changing – cultures, languages, lifestyles, values, the list goes on. These changes affect businesses, even the ones from most successful entrepreneurs

So how do businesses keep up with the ever-evolving digital world? Well, the problem is, according to various studies, they can’t. 

Study Report About Lack of Digital Skills

In 2017 data from Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index reveals that over 11 million people in the UK alone lack basic digital skills. This means that amidst the emergence of new and promising technological tools and processes to help their businesses, they don’t know how to utilize them at all. Imagine how scary that number could be on a worldwide scale!

With the widening digital skills gap in businesses, their systems and operations are becoming more and more unhinged. Up to date, countless companies seem to be resistant to these changes. And we can only point to a handful of factors: generation gap, traditions, outdated business models, or lack of funding.

Salesforce-commissioned research stated that “there’s just not enough people with the right digital skills to power their companies’ transformation now and in the future”. As a result, companies get behind trends, practices, and growth.

Whatever the cause may be, businesses need to start re-evaluating their systems and their alignment with their long-term goals. With problems on efficiency and effectiveness in a competitive environment, a shortage of digital skills in a company only leads to one destination: failure. 

Importance of Digital skills in successful Entrepreneurship

1. You Can Optimize Your System With Computer-Based Processes

Information Technology is dominating almost every industry today. Innovations like software and custom-designed programs have made business processes easier. 

Things like data storage and management, information distribution, performance monitoring, and overall organizational productivity can increase significantly if Information Technology is smartly integrated into your business.

The things that a number of your employees work on for weeks can now be accomplished in just a few clicks – that’s efficiency at its finest.

Newer business strategies opt for availing IT services from a provider. But without a backbone of how Information Technology fully works, your business can be subject to exploitation. This will also limit how you identify and communicate your needs to your provider.

With IT solutions and the right tools that fit your needs and services. You can achieve milestones faster than you think.

2. You Can Benefit from Digital Marketing

Social media management, website optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and email marketing are some of the best practices to put your brand out there. Not only will they allow your company to generate leads. But they will also promote brand awareness and visibility – helping you reach audiences on a broader scale.

Gone are the days where brands compete for slots on a television commercial, the front page of a newspaper, or handing out flyers on the streets (especially with the social distancing protocols today). 

The thing is, people’s preferences have changed. Statista’s 2021 findings showed that US adults only spend an average of 3 hours watching TV a day which will continuously decline each year. The same can be said for other traditional modes of entertainment.

Businesses need to circumvent this issue and figure out how to reach the changing audience. By allowing themselves to transition to more modern approaches as well. Which is something you should also pick up on.

Start small – open a Facebook account, then Twitter, and then Instagram. Produce creative and interactive content for your audience; create an app if you want. Then, you can start exploring more advanced and analytical options you can adopt. 

All of these can be done systematically by encouraging and training your workforce to enrich the skills needed to boost traffic to your website and build your brand. 

With the right marketing strategies, you won’t only get your market’s attention, you can build a meaningful and stronger relationship with your customers as well.

3. You Can Boost Productivity Among Your Employees

Similar to the charming advantages of integrating Information Technology into your business, allowing technologies to take part in your processes will lead to efficient and more productive organization.

When you can track employee and organization performances and you can monitor work at different levels. You can analyze what areas you can improve on and so decisions are data-driven.

The lines between time and space are also blurred by technology. This is the reason why remote work is now possible. Work progress is stored in a shared database. So, no matter what time and from where an employee does something, everyone is on the same page.

This is also a promotion of more flexible work amongst employees in their hours, locations, processes, and most importantly, communication. Simultaneous work, instant communication, and regular meetings are key to overall organization productivity. There are lots of tools that can help you achieve these if team members are more technologically adept to use them. 

Overall, a digitized process helps if you’re looking to get the most out of your resources as well as controlling and streamlining the production of work among your employees. This doesn’t only help you move towards success, but towards the growth of your team as well.

4. You Can Have An Edge Among Competitors

Keeping a competent workforce that is growing with the evolution of the industry is one of the things that solidify a business. More than the capital, your credentials, your skills, or your business plans, the future of the company lies in the hands of your people.

The success of your business is a result of a collaborative effort from everyone in the organization. Therefore, having a team where everyone is digitally skilled and future-ready is something you should aim for.

Being tech-savvy allows you to deal with different problems creatively and resourcefully. A working environment that nurtures digital skills also promotes a culture of collaboration and job satisfaction, giving you a strong internal business foundation.

If you continuously provide training to your workforce and incorporate emerging tools and mediums into their work, you will see them outperform competing companies. You will also see them become the sought-after professionals in your industry. It’s like giving them the wings to fly!

Key Takeaway

The future of the society brought by technology looks promising, but only if you can keep up with the changes leading to it. 

The modernization of industries is prompted by the modernizing needs of the people. And that’s what businesses are suppose to do to survive – adapt. 

There are reasons why businesses overlook the need for digital skills in the workplace but there are more reasons to understand its importance. If you look at some of the world’s most successful companies today – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon – these are all technology-driven companies. These are entrepreneurs and companies that foresaw the future and rode with it.

With computer-based processes, digital marketing, ensuring productivity among employees, and competitive business industry. It is clear that a business system needs to continuously improve and revamp over time.

This is not to be equated to more work, spending more funds, or wasting time. It should be a focus on investing in a competent workforce and stable management towards a successful company in the future.

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