4 Effective Ways to Boost Sales with WordPress Plugins

4 Effective Ways to Boost Sales with WordPress Plugins

WordPress is everyone’s favorite website development platform. There are various reasons why website owners choose WordPress above other platforms, and one of them is its customization. WordPress allows you to customize the website to make it more user-friendly. For helping website owners in achieving their goals to boost sales and revenue, WordPress has various WordPress plugins that help with inbound marketing. 

So, we can say that installing various inbound marketing plugins helps your website boost sales or generate leads. 

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Landing Pages and WordPress Plugins

Websites do a lot of stuff for generating leads. One of the standard SEO practices is to design a landing page while running a digital marketing campaign. WordPress websites allow the owner to download from the various lead generation plugins for boosting their landing page sales. 

Installing and activating the ‘Inbound Marketing Plugin‘ is one of the ways to enhance your landing page sales. It does wonders for your brand by increasing user engagement with various tools and tactics. 

Let’s discuss more.

Websites that have a new launch or offer generally use the inbound marketing strategy for generating leads. Inbound marketing emphasizes the use of customer engagement and thereby converting the engagement into action. 

Imagine you have a landing page and are looking forward to increasing the leads by using an inbound marketing strategy, so how would you design your campaign? 

This is precisely where the need for premium WordPress plugins like Inbound Marketing comes into the picture. 

How WordPress Plugins Help Boost Sales?

There are different types of WordPress Plugins available in the plugin directory that help boost sales, such as Slider Carousel, Trending Post Slider, Inbound Marketing, Testimonial Widget, Popup Anything, Deal Countdown Timer, and so on. These plugins act as a lead generator by asking the customers to share their contact details to help your sales team to connect with them easily.

While designing your landing page marketing campaign, you must not overlook these tools from Inbound Marketing Plugin.

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1. Spin Wheel

Spin Wheel is one of the most common marketing tools for generating leads. Websites generally make use of it for launching their new offers or promos. Moreover, it engages the client in taking action as the spin wheel is an exciting game that no one can avoid. 

The above image helps you understand how the spin wheel concept works for generating leads on your landing or eCommerce page. It is one of the simplest ways to generate leads as the customers will drop their email or contact address to spin a wheel to grab the offer. And it might also induce them to take action. 

2. Marketing Popup

Another way that Inbound Marketing Plugin helps you generate leads is through its marketing popup tool. The popup appears in the middle of the website or landing page to grab the visitors’ attention for any particular cause or offer. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to get customer details. 

Here is an image illustration to help you understand how WordPress Plugins help to boost sales via popup tools.

3. Whatsapp Chat

Having live chat support is always a great idea for solving customers’ instant queries. The Whatsapp Chat Support tool is another way that helps you generate leads as it helps with direct customer interaction. 

You can directly integrate the Whatsapp Chat window on your website, thereby helping your customer team connect with your customers anywhere, anytime. 

4. Deal Countdown Timer

When talking about instigating the customer to take quick action, we need a deal countdown timer tool. It is a popular tool for eCommerce websites, thereby helping the customers take quick action on their purchasing decision. 

It is one of the premium WordPress plugins you can get in the bundle of Inbound Marketing Plugins at a nominal cost. You can learn more about its features and uses by logging on to the Essential Plugin directory. 

Wrapping Up

Generating leads is not a problem when you have the right WordPress plugins installed on your website or eCommerce store. You can also boost your website sales by turning it more user-friendly, responsive, and engaging with the help of premium WordPress plugins like SlidersPack and Video Gallery. Learn more with our WordPress experts on boosting your website sales without investing more in marketing campaigns.

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Author Bio: 

Amisha Parmar is a content writer and SEO marketing manager at Essential Plugin, which sells a WordPress Plugin Bundle that includes front-end utility plugins. Expert Inbound Marketing Tools, Templates, and Security are required for the overall development of a WordPress website.

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