15 useful iPhone widgets on iOS 14 and iPad on iPadOS 14

One of the critical chips of iOS 14 was widgets. At last, Apple has decided not to limit itself to a separate desktop tab with a list. Now they can be place on any page, anywhere and with different sizes. Well, now, I will talk about widgets that can already be download and used.

To add widgets, hold your finger on the free space of the desktop, and then click on the plus. Don’t forget – widgets are sized. And they can be collect in stacks.

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15 useful iPhone widgets on iOS 14

Following are the 15 useful iPhone widgets on iOS 14 and iPad on iPadOS 14:

Google and Yandex searches

Let’s start with the banal. iOS users can now get a search bar like on Android smartphones. To do this, you need to download applications of google search engines or, for example, Yandex. By the way, they have various additional options like voice search, incognito mode or weather. It is a pity that as in Android, it is impossible to take out a thin strip between the rows of icons.


Task Manager Things 3

Some task managers have already widgets, and this is probably one of the coolest features – to see the current tasks on the desktop. The widget appeared on my favourite app Things 3. There’s still a handy button to add new jobs. Use the program ceased only for one reason – stubborn developers do not want to nag a cross-platform.

Microsoft To-Do Task Manager

There are no versions for Android and Windows PC, and I test them permanently. So I recommend the free cross-platform program Microsoft To-Do, which swallowed Wunderlist. There is no widget and application for the Apple Watch. But there is a workaround – synchronization with the regular reminder app through Exchange, or Outlook accounts are set up. And reminders have an app for Apple watch and widget, as well as inverse synchronization of completed tasks with Microsoft To-Do.

Even time (how long before the event)

Even time shows the exact time before the activities are created up to minutes or seconds. Each event can be assign a color and background image, which will be displayed on the widget. The Search tab has a list of events created by category. Each category has a search for events. Too bad there’s no general search for everything. The app is free, and a non-binding one-time purchase will remove advertising, add a repeat button and customize the app icon.

The Weather Channel

The native weather informer is weak on the part of the information displayed. There are only a daytime temperature difference and the weather by the hour. But a third-party from the weather channel application is much more enjoyable. The weather display not only by the hour but also by an interactive map with precipitation or temperature for three days. There’s more information in the compact widget, too.

In general, both the third-party developer and Apple should pay more attention to the density of information in widgets. And then widgets often take up a lot of space, and data in them is not enough. I don’t use the apps themselves. It is quite heavy, a lot of advertising, additional features has bought by horse subscription. And the wind speed is indicated for some reason in kilometers per hour. In general, the metric system in the application is strange.

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Bring shopping list

The shopping list is also good to take out in the form of a widget. In general, for this purpose will be suitable and task managers, but to add products, there is not so convenient. Bring does a great job. Just start to enter the name, as the list of recommended immediately appears. The recently used section and categories will be useful.

The Ideas section creates templates for different situations. There you can also find recipes, though in English. A similar widget with random recipes can be brought to the desktop. The app is entirely free.

WaterMinder water balance accounting

If you keep track of the fluid you’ve drunk, perhaps the best app is WaterMinder. Moreover, it offers just a kilometer of various widgets for the desktop iOS 14. In the program, you can create drink patterns and volumes of drink. There are detail statistics of the drunk. There are achievement medals on a separate tab, deep customization settings for the interface, as well as an app for the Apple Watch. The only thing – the application paid – 349 rubles, but it’s worth it.

HabitMinder Habits Manager

The HabitMinder Habits Manager has also been updated on time and offers several variations of desktop widgets. By adding a habit, the app will always remind you how to do it. A separate tab provides detailed statistics on all or selected habits. You can create three habits for free, the rest by subscription. More than three patterns and there is no sense to introduce into life. Be productive!

HealthView Sports Metrics

The native health app can collect your activity data, but it doesn’t have a widget for your desktop. There’s a full-time activity app with activity rings and desktop widget sets, but if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you won’t see it. So you can download the HealthView app, which has a couple of free desktop widgets.

Developers also have more exciting widgets, but they are only available by subscription, although there are enough free ones for primary metrics. Another drawback of the application is the lack of Russian localization.


Inquisitive will be able to please free widgets from the branded application Wikipedia. There are simple images of the day. Which are put purely for aesthetics. For example, top readable articles or historical events that occurred on this day.

Parcel parcel tracking

If you have a lot of parcels or you continuously go to some specialized application to track the departure track – bring the widget to the desktop. The Parcel or parcel app offers three versions of the device. Yes, the font and the size of the text leave much to be desired. But in general, the program copes with the task.

Fantastical and Calendars

Not happy with the regular calendar widget? I can advise two to replace—one Fantastical. You can even put calendars for two months, not to mention heaps of banal. And the Calendars app offers a calendar and a task manager 2 in 1.

Capture glimpse 2

It turns out on the desktop in the form of a widget you can take out a fragment of some site. For example, you can see the latest news. Pages without graphics are perfect. The name and address of the page are specified, and then choose a snippet that appears on the middle or large widget. In the widget settings, you can select an added site and set up an update time. The app is free.

Instead of concluding ladies advice – collect widgets in stacks – they are very convenient. In the settings, you can disable the auto-twisting stacks if it strains. In the comments, write about your favorite widgets you use.


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