13 Clever Ways To Save Money At Sephora

13 Clever Ways To Save Money At Sephora

Cosmetics and derma products are the weakness of females. A product of a high-standard beauty brand makes them happy like a child. They love to shop for makeup products and skin essentials. While buying from here is hard, a one-stop shop can save your time and money. Buying from one place can get you maximum benefits and also you don’t have to pay for delivery charges of every product. Sephora is a one-stop shop for all beauty products. Sephora is a French multinational brand. It is an international retailer of skincare and beauty products and offers high-end beauty products. Moreover,  It operates more than 27000 stores in 35 countries worldwide. It is a powerful beauty retailer. It features more than 3000 high-end brands and has also introduced the best quality products under its label. 

How To Save Money At Sephora?

Sephora is a wonderland for ladies. It is the place of their dreams. Buying from Sephora is like a state of euphoria. While it is an expensive retailer, shopping there may empty your pockets. CouponGot.com  is your angel in disguise. It offers enormous coupon codes and deals to save a hefty amount at Sephora and shop your dream products without breaking the bank. With the wise steps in your mind, you can save more than spending at these stores. Here are some money-saving tips. 

1. Subscribe To Their Beauty Insider Program

It is a loyalty-free program where you earn points on every purchase. Upon entering a certain level, these points are converted into rewards. These rewards include exclusive deals, free products, free-of-cost delivery, free samples, makeovers, and many other benefits. This program has three tiers.

  • Insider
  • VIB
  • Rouge

Each program depends upon the points you earned. The more money you spend, the better your loyalty card becomes. The insider status requires zero spending while you achieve VIB status upon spending $350 per year. The highest status Rouge requires expenditures of a minimum of $1000 per year. You earn one point for spending one dollar.   

2. Discounted Gift Cards

Get discounted gift cards. And use them while purchasing at Sephora for a considerable discount.  These cards are mainly coupons that save you an enormous amount of face value. Offers.com is the big provider of these gift cards to save your hard-earned money while shopping at your favorite retailer. 

3. Grab Your Free Birthday Gift

When you subscribe to Sephora, you become eligible for their exclusive deals and offers. You can get a free birthday gift every year. The process is to go to your local Sephora store and show them your subscription. You don’t need a purchase while claiming a birthday gift. While claiming your gift online, you must purchase a product. 

4. Shop At the Sales

Want to get your beauty products for less? By clicking on the sale icon on their website, you come across various products at the sale. Some items are even available at 50% off. Also, they offer sales and discount deals on all products from time to time. The best time to shop at Sephora is Chris miss and black Friday deals. 

5. Shop At VIB Sale

Sephora offers exclusive deals and discounts to its beauty insider subscribers. You can get 10% to 20%, depending upon your reward status. VIB sales have no fixed time, but mostly, it happens in April or May. Subscribe to the Insider program and get huge deals every month to save more at your favorite brand.

6. Apply For Sephora Credit Card

A credit card subscription is the best way to get rewards at a store. It offers two types of cards.

  • Sephora credit card
  • Sephora visa card

These cards give you 15% off on your first purchase and 4% cash-back on every $1 you spent.  Credit cards also make you eligible for many exclusive offers, including birthday gifts and other offs.

7. Sephora Beauty Offers Page

Their beauty offer page is a gateway to incredible bundles and deals. It has many bundles of baskets, some offering free products while some are delivered free of cost. It also consists of beauty packs of your favorite brands, and some bundles are a mix of different brands. You can get different types of makeup bundles and skincare baskets at low cost and one or more complementary products or samples. 

8. Go For The Free Shipping Items

Sephora offers a flash shipping program when you subscribe to their flash shipping program, your free shipping on many products. It costs you $15 per year but saves you a vast amount in terms of shipping cost. It also offers free shipping on most beauty bundles. 

9. Get Free Sephora Samples

On continuous purchases at Sephora, you earn points for free samples. You can get free samples of your favorite high-end products. Some samples even don’t require purchase, and just asking from the employee, you get a free sample of brands.

10. Download Sephora App

Downloading the app gives you an approach to many promotions and deals. This app is available on android and apple. The app also gives you exclusive discount deals and offers. The app also gives you off on your first purchase. 

11. Signup For The Newsletter

Subscribing to the newsletter makes you aware of many deals and offers. You will get news about new products, offers, and also will get event invitations. You will get weekly email notifications about products and offers.

12. Know About Return Policy

Sephora has the best return policy. It accepts returns within 60 days of purchase. It also accepts slightly used products too.

13. Shop At Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

The best time to buy at Sephora is through deals time and seasonal sales. It offers huge deals for high-end brands. These deals save you a minimum of 50% off on your favorite items. Shopping at the deals saves you a tremendous amount, and also, this is when Sephora offers free shipping on most of the items to encourage sales. 

Wrapping Up

Through these tips and tricks, you can save the maximum amount on your next purchase at Sephora and can save a significant amount on every purchase.

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