10 tips to get rid of stubborn clog

10 tips to get rid of stubborn clog

The kitchen and bathroom sink usually get blocked due to leftovers that we carelessly dump into them.

Absolutely nothing is more frustrating than spending time trying to get the sink to drain and then discovering it’s a clogged sink. If you have been doing this for months, you know how frustrating it can be.

Again, this is where a professional drain cleaning service will come in handy. If your kitchen or bathroom sink has become clogged, then you are probably wondering what you can do to fix it or get rid of this stubborn clog.

List of Tips to get rid of stubborn clog

These are a few easy ways to get the job done in your bathroom and to get rid of stubborn clog.

1. Unclog your drains with a plunger.

This is the most common way to unclog a drain and it’s very simple. Just put a plunger into the sink, tub, or toilet and press down until the clog is dislodged. You can also use a plunger to remove clogs from pipes if they have gotten stuck. Earlier, this was done with a long pole. But now, you can buy a plunger that fits over your hand.

2. Remove clogged drains with a drain snake.

A drain snake is a long, flexible tube that is designed for removing clogs from drains. Use a drain snake to get rid of the blockage in your drains. Make sure you don’t put it inside a garbage disposal unit as it can damage it. No matter how hard you try to push it down, you may not be able to remove all the debris.

3. Get a drain cleaning kit.

Drain cleaning kits are an excellent way to get rid of clogs. They contain all the necessary equipment needed to remove clogs. A drain cleaning kit usually includes a plunger, a snake, a brush, and some other tools. Later, you can use this kit to remove clogs from pipes as well. 

4. Remove clogged drains with a plunger and boiling water.

Put a small amount of boiling water in a cup and place it in your sink. Put a plunger in the sink, fill it with water, and push down on the plunger to force the water out of the sink. In this situation, you can also use the plunger to dislodge the blockage.

5. Unclog drains with a plunger and a baking soda solution.

Baking soda is an excellent drain cleaner. You can dissolve one cup of baking soda in a gallon of hot water. Put a cup of baking soda and hot water mixture in your sink and fill it with boiling water. Put a plunger in the sink and fill it with water. Push down on the plunger to force the water out of the sink.

6. Unclog drains with vinegar.

You can use a mixture of 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda to unclog a sink. Finally, you can also add 1 cup of baking soda to your regular laundry detergent and use it to unclog your pipes.

7. Use a drain auger to remove clogs.

Unquestionably, this is one of the most effective way to remove clogs from your pipes. Previously, a drain auger was the only way to get rid of clogs. Nowadays, drain augers are very common. They are long, flexible tools that are designed to push blockages out of the pipes.

8. Use a plunger and a vacuum cleaner.

A plunger and a vacuum cleaner is a great combination. Always use a plunger first to dislodge the blockage before using a vacuum cleaner to clean the pipes. And then use the vacuum cleaner to suck out the clog from the drain.

9. Clean out the drain.

If your drains are not clogged but you just want to clean them, you can use a drain cleaner to help you out. You can also call a good plumber located nearby. In these internet times, simply go online and search for a plumber. For Eg. If you are located somewhere in Toronto, simply Google Toronto Plumber and get hold of the best plumber as per the reviews shown. Always make sure you check the reviews before hiring a plumber. Always choose a professional plumber when you are having issues with the drains.

10. Use an unblocker to unclog your drains.

Unblockers are very useful tools to unclog drains. You can use them to unclog blocked toilets and sinks. Unblockers are small tools that can be used to push blockages out of drains. It is definitely an effective way to remove clogs from drains.


Clogged drains can be frustrating. There are many different ways to remove clogs from your drains, and some of them work better than others. Some of the best methods include using a plunger or a drain snake to remove clogs, as well as using a drain cleaner.

If you are experiencing issues with your drains, it’s always best to call a good plumber. All the best.

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