10 Key Social Commerce Trends For Brand’s Success

Ever since the pandemic has struck us, there has been a drastic shift in the overall shopping experience provided by eCommerce platforms through Social commerce. If you are an eCommerce brand and unaware of the latest upcoming social commerce trends, you are at the right place.

10 Key Social Commerce Trends For Brand's Success

The emergence of Social Commerce was a complete game-changer for brands and their customers. It enabled brands to display and sell their products through different social media platforms and permitted users to complete their buying journey successfully without leaving the social media platform

Make your way to the end of the blog to get a clear understanding of the upcoming social commerce trends that you need to adopt for your brand’s success. 

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Upcoming Social Commerce Trends That Every Brand Needs To Know About

Social media is one platform that is ever-changing, progressive and continues to adapt to the latest trends:

More Brands Will Adopt Live Streaming  

The concept of Live streaming is quite popular when it comes to social commerce. It helps brands introduce the customers to new products, gives tutorials, explains the specifications of the product, and solves customers’ queries on a personal level. 

Due to the current situation, people are already at home and have access to their smartphones and social media accounts. Therefore, live streaming is a more interactive and creative way to attend to queries and have one on one conversations with customers. 

Even if a customer misses out on the live streaming, they can always view the video later and better understand the brand and the products. 

Focus On User-Generated Content

You may have often come across posts on social media where the customers post or review the brand’s products. They do so in the form of pictures, videos, stories, or create gifs. 

This type of content is User-Generated content and is the most genuine and authentic form of content. 

Brands must make complete use of User-Generated Content to increase their user engagement, brand visibility, and of course, for more conversions and sales. 

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Increased Usage Of Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality enables the users to test out the product through special filters and effects before purchasing it. Even though augmented reality is already a vital part of Social commerce, it will surely be utilized more in the future. 

By using augmented reality, the customer will be sure about the after-effects of the product. And be completely satisfied once they receive the product. 

Use Of Smart Chatbots 

Communication or private messaging is mandatory for every brand to build a good relationship with the customer. While it may be quite challenging for a brand to make a person answer every query at any time. So, brands would start incorporating chatbots to smartly answer the queries. 

Chatbots can assist the customers while making a related purchase decision, through product discoverability journey or any other recommendation or providing additional information instantly without having to make the customer wait. 

Decrease In Product Prices 

Customers mainly use social media to socialize with friends, acquaintances, family members and make connections. Even though many users utilize social media for getting shopping inspiration, they tend to pay attention to the price point. 

For successful social commerce sales, brands are likely to decrease the prices of their products on social media. To raise an urge within the users to get excited and purchase impulsively. 

Increased Collaboration With Influencers

Influencer marketing is already quite prevalent on social media, and its popularity will only increase in the future. 

Since influencers are already quite popular on social media and have many followers. Promoting your brand’s products will surely bring the products to the limelight. And their followers will be compelled to check out your brand or even buy your products! 

More Insightful Data

It allows brands and businesses to get more detailed and relevant analytics about their customers’ behavior, likes and dislikes, time spent on social media, and other crucial details. 

Moreover, the brands will target their potential customers by getting information on gender, age, location, etc. 

More Focus On Video Ads

It is known that videos are much more interactive, descriptive, and engaging than written texts or other mediums. 

People highly utilize videos, and as a result, the overall watch time of videos has increased massively. And is yet to increase more in the coming years. Taking advantage of this fact, brands are more likely to create video-related content and ads to engage and attract potential customers. 

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Accelerated Target Advertising

Seeing random ads while scrolling through the social media feeds is quite a common scenario. However, brands are slowly moving their focus towards personalized and targeted ads that cater to the audience’s requirements. And are a more powerful and effective strategy to target potential customers. 

More Attention To Voicebots 

Many surveys suggest that brands are curious to integrate voice technology into social commerce. Looking at the popularity of voice bots like Cortana, Alexa, and Siri, it is quite evident that people are inclined and utilize voice bots in their daily life. And incorporating this technology into social commerce will make brands benefit more. 

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Final Thoughts 

We have reached the end of the blog while you understand the top 10 trends of social commerce that can help your brand climb the ladder of success. 

Being an eCommerce brand, you need to leverage social commerce either today or after a while. Since it is the most beneficial and result-driven marketing strategy to increase conversions and revenue! 

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