10 Amazing Benefits Of Car Recovery Services

10 Amazing Benefits Of Car Recovery Services

The benefits of car recovery services are wide-ranging. You may be surprised at how many types of auto services can be provided under one roof. Car recovery companies often provide a lot more than just towing a vehicle and hauling it away. They offer jump-start service, tire replacement, and battery replacement. Often they work with law enforcement to remove or tow vehicles that have been abandoned on the roadside, too. That means you save on gas when you don’t need to take your own car to an auto shop for help after a flat tire or dead battery occurs at home.

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What are the benefits of car recovery services?

1. Auto law enforcement:

Removal or towing vehicles that have been involved in an accident or abandoned on the roadside is often done by a law enforcement officer who works with and is contracted out by a car recovery service (recovery near me). That means you’ll get better, more prompt service for vehicle removal. It also means that when your vehicle has been damaged, you don’t have to go through the headache of dealing with law enforcement yourself.

2. 24-hour service:

Car recovery services often provide around-the-clock service for a jump-start. And car battery replacement should it be necessary after a collision or dead battery at home. They also usually provide excellent service for changing or replacing tires that have gone flat.

3. Jump-start service:

If you’ve locked your keys in the car or there is a dead battery, this may be of use to you instead of having to call roadside assistance from your insurance company (though some companies offer similar services.) Car recovery services also provide jump-start batteries if your vehicle won’t start due to a dead battery. If a jump-start is not enough, the car recovery service can often take your car on its flatbed truck and tow it to your home or repair shop for you.

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4. Warranties:

Many car recovery services offer warranties on their service. Meaning your flat tire is changed free for the first year or so that you use it.

5. Location:

You may not have realized that local car shops are often owned by the same company as towing services and battery replacement spots in your town. For example, if you need a tow truck but there is one right around the corner from where you need it, that could make for even quicker service. Just remember to be courteous and tip if so expected.

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6. They save you money

Not only will you not need to pay for the services of an auto mechanic, but if a car recovery service can change your flat tire or jump-start your battery without requiring further repair, then you’ll have saved yourself gas money as well.

7. Work with law enforcement

If the vehicle has been involved in an accident and is considered a hazard to other motorists (meaning a car won’t start or there’s been a collision) then the vehicle will be removed by law enforcement. However, if you need assistance with your own vehicle due to a flat tire, dead battery, or a similar problem, most recovery services can get your vehicle towed home for you for a small fee.

8. Tow services

If you need help with a dead battery or flat tire, many towing companies will tow your car for free. If you have an appointment scheduled ahead of time and just need the vehicle towed up to their location. Others will offer that service but also charge a flat rate for the tow depending on how far it is to their business.

9. Battery replacement

If you need a new battery but have a warranty, your car recovery service may replace it for free or at little cost; however, that varies from company to company. Most will also install the needed battery in your vehicle. If it has been involved in an accident and needs repair before any sorting of the battery can be done.

10. Tire purchase

If you need a new tire, many auto repair shops and recovery services will sell tires to you so that your vehicle is safe on the road again. That way, when you go get an oil change or other car maintenance in the future, they’ll also be able to take care of your tire needs.


If you’ve had your car repaired before, then perhaps all this may seem like common knowledge to you. But it may be a new concept for many people who haven’t dabbled in car repairs before.

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